Takeaways from The Power of EQ Workshop

We had the honor of hosting an event with Dr. Stevie Dawn Carter who spoke to us about the power of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the workplace. Here are our 3 takeaways.

Do a Pulse Check

Doing a pulse check is good for you and your team. Rate how you’re feeling from 1-10. If you or someone on your team is below a 5, you/they may not be listening well. If you are at a 3 or below, you may be ineffective (and should possibly consider avoiding human contact.) This practice is good for understanding whether or not you’re capable of delivering crucial information, but also good for understanding why you feel like you may be repeating your conversations with your team members. Think of it as a capacity pulse check.

The Power of EQ at Appropriate Levels

Empathy is important in the workplace. However, as a leader, 80% of your empathy should be at the cognitive level. With 20% at the emotional level. Reserve the actionable levels of empathy for your family and best friend. If instead, you are showing up at the emotional level more than 20% of the time, you might be feeling like a therapist at work. It is good to understand what makes your team tick, what their motivations are, and how you can create a great work environment for them. You do not need to share divorce stories, in the long run, this bridge between personal and professional can undermine your ability to successfully lead your team.

Find 5 Minutes of Joy

Five minutes of joy will reap rewards. We discussed how we likely only get four hours of productivity from our teams. If that’s the case, what can we do to increase these rates? Studies show that five minutes of joy can lead to one full hour of heightened productivity. For those of us in the room who use EOS in our businesses, this resonated with the Level Ten agenda where we start with five minutes of Good News.

Dr. Stevie Dawn Carter with Sheryle Gillihan at the EO Fort Worth Power of EQ learning event.
Dr. Stevie Dawn Carter with Craig Wasilchak at the EO Fort Worth Power of EQ learning event.

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