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EO Fort Worth in Italy
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EO Fort Worth member in Italy

We know EO Fort Worth events are great, and that you’re finding your tribe with the connections you’re making here.

There’s real magic, though, when you step outside the chapter and explore other events regionally, nationally, and globally. Not sure where to begin? Check out some remarkable opportunities below that will truly change your life.

Global Events

Regional Events

EO hosts conferences across the different regions of the United States - Western US (Alchemy), Central US (XCentric), and Eastern US (Nerve). Any EO member may attend, and they’re a great way to meet entrepreneurs outside of your city while visiting great locations, listening to amazing speakers, and enjoying once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Click the buttons below to learn more about each conference.

Regional Leadership Academy 

The Regional Leadership Academy (RLA) is a leadership formation program, the first event of its kind that takes the life changing content that defines the Global Leadership Academy and delivers it in a regional context. The RLA focuses on leading in diversity, recognizing regional leadership is about leading diverse teams from multiple countries, races, cultures, languages and styles.

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