Empathy Based Listening for Leaders Means Going to Someone Else’s Stage

An EO Fort Worth learning event.

Can you find the Clues?

People leave breadcrumbs when they talk and being aware of those can help us connect on a deeper level. As business owners know, listening with empathy and building connections can transform your personal and professional relationships.

Are you the star of your own story❓

In a world where everyone wants to be the star of their story, can we pause and ponder: How do you genuinely connect and support others?

???? Eric Maddox recently joined EO Fort Worth to share insights on the power of empathy-based listening. By slowing down, actively listening, and empathizing with others, we can strengthen our relationships AND enrich our own lives. ????????

???? Can you challenge each other to be better listeners in our personal and professional lives as we journey through this narrative called life? ????

What could you do to become a better listener❓

View the takeaway video here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/entrepreneurs-organization-eo-fort-worth_entrepreneurship-leadership-ceo-activity-7107030470072139776-8t8E

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