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Craig Wasilchak Crushing B2B Social Selling Training

Craig Wasilchak
Crushing B2B Digital Strategies

“I’ll never forget my first EO even over 6 years ago. It was an EO Test Drive event and I was initially expecting a sales pitch. However, it didn’t take long to learn that my initial thoughts were dead wrong.

The members explained the benefits of the group, by sharing their real-life experiences. There were major takeaways from that night. It became a no-brainer – I began the process to join right away.

My EO Forum has been there in my times of celebration and indecision. Sharing our experiences is what I hold precious. It is like having your own board of directors. I also credit the sale of a business of mine at a high EBITDA multiplier to my Forum involvement. Their experience shares helped guide me through a successful sale of the business.

There have been many adventures and fun experiences in my time with EO. One example was “MyEO riverboat excursion” down the Danube river. That was a once in a lifetime vacation that helped form lifelong friendships. It’s an honor to be part of EO Fort Worth.”


Debbie Cooley M-Pak, Inc.

Debbie Cooley
M-Pak, Inc

“I initially joined EO because of their core values.

1) Trust & Respect
2) Make a Mark
3) Thirst for Learning
4) Cool
5) Boldy Go

Boldly Go especially spoke to me as my generation seldom showed appreciation for bold women. I developed a habit of treading lightly, hesitating and being careful to choose the perfect moment to spea. Through EO, I’ve found my voice. I now jump in with no fear of judgement.

My forum is a venue where I can speak freely about business & personal issues and get open and honest feedback. That in itself is worth $100,000 in therapy/coaching. the leanring events are life changing–really.

Often, opportunities present themselves to travel to incredibly fabulous locales with EO.

I’ve truly found my TRIBE.”

Don Williams Alliance

Don Williams
Don Williams Global / Alliance

“A good friend of mine called me one day and invited me to an evening business event. I inquires as to the nature of the event and he provided some context to his invitation. I met some interesting people & had an enjoyable evening with local business owners at the EO extended dinner.

One gentleman who has since become a good friend made a statement that when he found EO, he’d “found his people.” I turned to my fiancé and told her “they don’t know me & they may not like me, but these are definitely my people.” I applied for membership the following day.

In my seven years of EO membership, I’ve:

  • Built some of the best lifetime friendships.

  • Benefitted from truly World Class family, business & personal education.

  • Authored 3 Amazon #1 Best Selling books.

  • Sold a business, grown a second business, ended a dysfunctional partnership and launched a brand-new business.

Thank you EO & my EO sisters & brothers who helped me find my voice. I am grateful.”

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